HIPAA Compliance Made Easy For Your Carmel or Indianapolis Area Healthcare Business With Our Managed HIPAA IT Services


"We help our healthcare professionals and Business Associates achieve and stay HIPAA-compliant, so they can rest easy about their IT infrastructure without fear of failing an audit and facing heavy fines!"


PropellerHeads HIPAA Managed IT services are for those practices required to meet the Standards as laid out by the regulations of HIPAA:  Administrative, Technical, and Physical.  We'll get you up to speed – and keep you there - on the major technical and procedural IT components of the Security Rule to become HIPAA-compliant, from both a management and infrastructure standpoint.

From start to finish, we'll get you squared away with not only the mandatory "Required" mandates listed below, but the "Addressable" items as well.


We’ll help you meet and exceed the requirements for these HIPAA regulations and more:


Administrative Safeguards:

  • Risk analysis - internal & external vulnerability testing
  • Log and system monitoring and reviews
  • Information access management for multiple organizations
  • Help create your Information Security Policy and Risk Management Plan
  • Help create your Sanction Policies to keep staff in compliance
  • Identify, document, and response procedures on security incidents
  • Emergency and contingency plans
  • Assemble all necessary agreements with Business Associates, including BAAs, MSAs, and SLAs


Technical Safeguards:

  • Create necessary access control measures for server and non-server environments
  • Strict audit controls that monitor device and user activity
  • Encrypt and decrypt ePHI for access control and transmission security
  • Tight authentication measures


Physical Safeguards:

  • Network, server, and workstation security safeguards
  • Device and media controls
  • Data backup and storage plans - local and cloud options

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