David Lash, is the President/CEO, and Lead Consultant for PropellerHeads, Inc. of Carmel, Indiana, of which I founded in 2009.  He is a graduate of Ball State University, with bachelor degrees in Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship Management, as well as a Master’s degree in Information Communication Science.  David, was a Navy Corpsman in his younger years, and has a strong marriage between HIPAA-compliance and IT solutions for his clients.  He is also the author of the book, Someday:  The Excuses We Tell Ourselves (See here on Amazon).

To give you some insight about David, when he founded PropellerHeads, his philosophy on customer service and supporting clients was simple:  build personal and trustworthy relationships.  Most of his direct clients (over 90%) have been with him since day one, which is attributed to loyalty that flows both ways in the client relationship together.

For most, David knows about their family lives, personal situations, and routinely gets invited to personal or family events, etc., because of the trust that has been fostered over the years.  It’s always been important to him that his business relationships are an extension of the same way he would treat his own personal relationships.  All David’s clients have his personal mobile number, and he makes himself available to them at their convenience, day and night.

In short, David has built the PropellerHeads model after good old-fashioned relationship building.  No one is a number here and we’re all always just a phone call or text message away!